Why this tour - Amir Tamouza

Amir Tamouza

Traveller, Photographer

Fast enough to see it all!

Slow enough to experience it all!

A world Tour by bike, a once in a lifetime trip!! A lot of people have asked me why? Why by bike? Why now? Why alone?...

My answer has always been the same, I want to share, meet, learn as much about others as about myself and set out on a once in a lifetime challenge.

With that in mind, cycling was an obvious choice. It’s slow enough to meet, fast enough to see and tough enough to challenge myself.

And as for being alone on the road, I believe it is the best way of meeting plenty of people around the world. I am also planning to indulge another passion on my tour by photographing my progress.

I have received more positive feedback and interest than I would have ever have anticipated, and this helped me immensely in setting everything for this year. So, if you’re reading this now, thank you as well for your interest!

This blog is meant to be a window into my journey. Sharing with you, sharing with locals, sharing with whoever has an interest in people, cultures, travel… remains my first motivation. I hope you enjoy, may this blog makes you travel with me (and maybe even inspire you to travel yourself ).

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